CMC capacity-building presentations

Status: Completed and ongoing

We held CMC capacity-building presentations in April 2012 for our Senior Management Committee and Senior Staff Forum.

Next steps: Continue to liaise with the CMC as required.
Regularly disseminate links on relevant CMC guideline documents to staff.

Ethics education and development

Status: Underway

We have delivered sessions on ethics, accountability and integrity to all members of the University's Senior Management Committee and Senate in conjunction with the St James Ethics Centre.

Next steps: Embed principles of ethical leadership into ongoing staff training to extend understanding throughout the organisation.

Improved communication of policy changes

Status: Underway

We are transferring all current policies to the new UQ Policy and Procedures Library. As part of this exercise, staff can more easily search the library and subscribe to automatic live updates of any new content.

Next steps: Ensure staff are making full use of the new UQ policy and Procedures Library.

Improved internal communication

Status: Underway

Better internal communication has been a key aspect of the Reform Program. We will also initiate a review of internal communication processes to ensure they are as effective as possible.

Next steps: Conduct review and implement findings.

Review of senior staff development programs

Status: Underway

We have initiated a review to ensure senior staff are provided with ongoing training to further develop and maintain a strong culture of ethics, integrity and accountability.

Next steps: Implement review findings.