Admission rules and procedures review

Status: Completed

We have fully implemented the recommendations of a review of UQ's admissions rules and procedures. As part of this we, have introduced new annual reporting requirements.

Next steps: Ensure staff are fully aware of all changes.

Assurance and risk management review

Status: Review completed, implementation underway

We have established a stronger and better-resourced structure for assurance and risk management. The new structure is in line with the recommendations of a 2011 review of the area, planning for which commenced in April 2011. The review was chaired by Len Gainsford and involved Edward Ho – both experts in audit and assurance.

Next steps: New Associate Director, Investigations appointed. Investigations Reference Group to be established.
Continue to embed new structure and finalise implementation of review recommendations.

Code of Conduct and policies review

Status: Review completed, implementation underway

We have completed internal reviews of UQ's Code of Conduct and policies. These covered the management and handling of misconduct and complaints and conflicts of interest.

Next steps: Implement all aspects of the review.

Strengthened working relationship with the CMC

Status: Underway and ongoing

We have appointed a second CMC Liaison Officer and established a new oversight group involving the Vice-Chancellor and Executive Director, Operations.

Next steps: Continued liaison with the CMC.

Renewed emphasis on strengthening overall governance of the University and its commercial entities

Status: Underway and ongoing

We have initiated a review to ensure a widespread and appropriate understanding of legislation and compliance requirements, reporting lines and responsibilities, and have engaged a Compliance Officer to assist with this. A wide-ranging review of UQ's commercial entities and licensing arrangements, to ensure appropriate financial management and governance, is also underway. Compliance Officer to ensure appropriate management of legislative and compliance requirements at all levels.

Next steps: Continue with action in each area as required.

Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) audit

Status: Audit completed, implementation underway

The January 2012 establishment of TEQSA required universities nationally to comply with a new risk framework and undertake an audit of existing ESOS arrangements. We submitted a report to TEQSA in June 2012 along with recommendations for improvements and compliance.

Next Steps: Continue implementation of audit recommendations.