In 2012 the University engaged the Nous Group to conduct an independent study of UQ’s workplace culture. This reflected the University’s recognition that enduring, sustainable improvements need to permeate all aspects of UQ’s culture.

All fixed-term and continuing staff were invited to take part in a confidential online survey conducted by an independent company, the Nous Group. In addition, 91 staff volunteered for focus groups and 25 people held one-on-one discussions with Nous.

In December 2012 the University published an executive summary of the preliminary results, and in March 2013 the Nous Group Findings Report was published.

UQ’s leadership is committed to using the results of this survey to work with staff throughout the University to engender a workplace culture that supports affiliation, achievement and growth.

In 2013, the Vice-Chancellor and Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor invited all staff to open sessions to broadly discuss the findings and outline next steps.

The Nous Group Findings Report is available to all staff and is intended to stimulate thought and discussion around measures and initiatives designed to improve the workplace experiences of staff across UQ.

We invite you to read the report.