Terms of Reference

  1. To consider the results of the culture survey and plan an approach to build a more constructive workplace culture;
  2. To develop and implement a culture strategy that ensures that UQ adopts an integrated and aligned approach to organisational culture across its range of activities;
  3. To consider the Nous Findings Report and refer to the Human Synergistic Organisational Culture Inventory Feedback Report where appropriate;
  4. To identify measures and initiatives to build and strengthen organisational culture and propose recommendations accordingly;
  5. To have an overview of and propose initiatives at UQ that impact on organisational culture and to input into their strategic development (e.g. The Values Framework, The Leadership Capability Framework, HoS Induction and Development);
  6. To consider metrics and mechanisms to measure the success of culture change;
  7. To reflect on the communication strategy to date and to propose an ongoing communication strategy.
Position Staff Member
President and Vice-Chancellor (Chair) Professor Peter Høj
Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Deputy Chair) (until end of 2013) Professor Debbie Terry
Director, Human Resources Jane Banney
Director, Marketing & Communications Graham Bethune
Head of School (Journalism and Communication) Dr Rhonda Breit
School Manager, Business Coral Cochrane
School Manager, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Jennifer Croud
Executive Project Manager Caroline Dunne, Office of the COO
School of Law Professor Nick Gaskell
University Librarian Robert Gerrity
School Manager, History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics Rebecca Hurst
Head of School (Human Movement Studies) Professor Doune Macdonald
Head of School (Mechanical and Mining Engineering) Professor David Mee
Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Alan Rix
Faculty Executive Officer (Health Science) Jenny Sutton
Head of School (Biomedical Sciences) Professor Wally Thomas
Director, Research Strategy and Management Nicole Thompson
Senior Manager, Academic Services, BEL Dr Annabelle Willox
Campus Director, Gatton Janelle Zahmel

Reporting Structures

  1. To make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor’s Committee and the University Senior Management Group;
  2. To work in partnership with the Senior Staff Leadership Development Working Party.